Tips to Get More SoundCloud Followers

Nowadays, a crucial part of online music promotion is to build a following on SoundСloud. However, what are the ways for an artist to be discovered by numerous people on SoundСloud?
 The following are five easy ways to build following on SoundCloud.

1. Right Branding

If you want people to take you seriously, ensure that you have a quality cover image and profile picture. Also, consider artworks to your tracks before the uploading. People who visit SoundCloud are attracted to music with quality artwork, so it will bring more plays and more shares. Likewise, let your brand image exhibit consistency. Find a designer on various platforms that can help you out.

2. Use Fan Gates

This is a fast and easy way to enhance your followers numbers. This involves using conditions for users to download your track; conditions like following your SoundCloud account and sharing the track. Giving away your track free can help increase fan base and can make users to buy or legally stream your music later. You can use some online tools to set up a follow-to-download page.

Fan-gates can help you with the locking of your tracks to your Spotify account or other social networks. You can create a gate and have it added to your SoundCloud player in place of a ‘buy’ link. You can also buy soundcloud followers from SocialBoss.

3. Use Blogs

You can use blogs to reach a huge number of people. Bloggers can help you write about your music with the addition of SoundCloud. Your music can become known and attract new plays and fans. The use of fan-gate has the potential to make people download your tracks. Apart from the use of blogs, you can also contact music PR companies for help. There are certain blogs that have options for the addition of your music.  

4. Be Social & Get Networking

SoundCloud is not only for uploading music but it also has a social feature. The social network feature can help you appreciate users that comment on your music and those that share it. You can likewise thank them or request that they share your music. The key is being polite and not pushing them; avoid spamming everyone but get in touch with accounts that are likely to be interested in your music.

5. Use your other social networks & Email list to grow your SoundCloud Fanbase

Make your SoundCloud page look fine with interesting, and then use your Email list for direct request to follow you on SoundCloud. There are various tools to send newsletter and start your mailing list. You will be able to market your music using Email list even as you grow your fanbase. Use Facebook page and Twitter account to post your latest tracks uploaded to Soundcloud. Ensure to include a personalized message about each track before sharing to help you get some plays and follows. Be bold to request follows on SoundCloud from your fan base.

In conclusion, ensure to post the link to your SoundCloud profile and add your latest tracks on your website.